Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And the verdict is...

So, if you read my last post, you know that about 2 weeks ago, I injured my knee while rolling no-gi, and at my first appointment my orthopedist indicated that I most likely tore my medial meniscus and that I needed an MRI to confirm or dis-confirm. It’s been two weeks of grueling inactivity since the incident, but I finally received the official verdict at my follow-up appointment yesterday.

At the appointment, my orthopedist showed me in the MRI where there was a ‘small area of concern’ (which looked to me like a tiny grey squiggle), that they thought might be a tear; but, she said they could only see this area in a single image. She also showed me indications of stretching and bruising in several other images. She then inspected my knee and noted that it had very much improved since the last visit. With a few more purposeful knee pokes and another review of the MRI report, she concluded: Since the “area of concern” was only visible in a single image, and considering the “hyper-mobility” of the joint, as well as the improving status, she decided my meniscus was likely NOT torn.


It is, however, bruised and stretched from the trauma of popping out and then back in. Luckily this sort of injury, in contrary to a torn meniscus, will only require about a month of physical therapy in order to heal. So, for the next month, I’m only allowed to do low-impact exercises; which to my practical & uncreative mind, that really only encompasses three things, the elliptical, the stationary bike, and swimming. I’ve always hated using stationary cardio machines; I seriously can’t handle the boredom. SO, today after work, I’m going to start swimming. I’m sort of looking forward to it, as I know swimming can be a seriously good workout and I’ll admit it does bring back a little bit of that middle school swim team nostalgia. Plus, who knows, a little bit of change might do my body and my BJJ game some good.

I’m truly excited about finally being on the road to recovery as I’ve never been the type to feel comfortable with idleness. I function much better when I have a goal I’m working towards and some sort of methodology of reaching it. So, for now, my goal will be maintaining my endurance and ensuring my knee becomes strong and stable before I get back on the mats. I definitely don’t plan on taking this ‘dodged bullet’ for granted. So, now that my pipe-dreams are officially un-crushed, it’s time to put in work so that I can get back to chasing them.

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  1. YAY! If you go swimming sometime this weekend, you should let me know : )

  2. Will do! I'm going to try and visit you ladies this evening, so hopefully I'll see ya sooner than later. :-)

  3. Phew! That's a relief! I hear so many horror stories about knee injuries. I feel like it's only a matter of time before my knees screw up!

    It also makes me really happy to read that you're not going to "take the 'dodged bullet' for granted". Sometimes I feel that BJJ folks take their ability to train for granted.

    I love the lady in your banner pic, by the way. Tres bjj chic! :)

  4. Sorry Ashley, I didn't see your comment until today for some reason! But AGREED, sooo relieved, and like you said, I definitely prefer to learn my lesson from this experience than have to learn a much harder one further down the road.

    And Thanks, I worked hard on coming up with that lady, lol. Thanks for reading the blog! :-)


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