Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Regular gyms make me want to throw something...

Yesterday I went back to my college gym as I have for the past week and a half to swim and do a weight circuit, since I can’t train BJJ for about another 3 weeks. Now that I’m a grown-up and I have to work every day from 9-6, I really only have the short time right after work to get a good workout in each day. That’s why I really prefer these after-work workouts to be as efficient as possible. To me, an ideal workout should require really hard work for some finite amount of time or energy expenditure. However, I was rudely reminded yesterday that most people don’t typically have this same sort of mentality.

The gym was particularly packed yesterday evening, and I found myself becoming more irritated than usual with my surroundings. Firstly, I had to wait for EVERY piece of equipment I wanted to use. Secondly and more importantly, half the time the person 'using' the equipment was either only resting with/on it or using it in an exceptionally improper manner. This made my workout take WAY longer than it should have and forced me to ‘get cold’ between every set. This, of course, made me want to throw something.

Experiencing a ‘regular gym’ again has made me realize that gyms like mine must really just attract a very certain type of people. For those of you who aren’t aware, I attend a Mixed Martial Arts gym, offering cardio kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, as most MMA gyms do. In order to survive at this sort of gym for any substantial amount of time, you really must possess at least a moderate amount of motivation, else your time spent will likely not be enjoyed. Since this type of gym is especially focused around group classes, every individual is sort of forced to participate. So, If you’re going to the gym to just “hang out” or “put-around’, an MMA gym is most likely not for you. You can only put-around at a gym like mine for so long before someone calls you out…repeatedly. Working out with a purpose is a requirement at this type of gym; this insistence of hard work is a norm I’ve grown accustomed to. Therefore, I've found that I really do not enjoy being at a ‘regular gym’ where even just moving around efficiently is nearly impossible. Having to dodge standers/loiterers or wait for equipment from someone who isn’t even really using it is not my idea of a good evening at the gym. I suppose I forgot what normal gyms were like, as I’ve been training at an MMA gym for about 4 years now; but after just a week and a half of trying to workout in one, I’m more than ready to be back at the gym I call home with the type of people who understand what hard training is really all about.

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  1. I think about this all the time! I have a membership at colony square too, and its the same story. I think that standard gyms are for stupid people that like to stand around. Being in combat sports forces you to think, learn, react and be efficient with your time. Keep up the blaahhhhg!

  2. Exactly! I was definitely ready to choke some of these 'stupid' people out lol...but I decided it wouldn't really be that appropriate... :-)

  3. What do you expect you went to the georgia tech gym the week freshmen started classes...that trip was destined for failure.

  4. "This, of course, made me want to throw something."

    HAHAHA well said! The normal gym is boring unless I'm doing squats or deadlifts, because those are awesome. But only to supplement BJJ!


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