Sunday, August 7, 2011

So I hurt my knee...

So as I mentioned in my first post…I’ve played competitive sports the majority of my life. In doing so, I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’ve never really had any significant injuries. I’ve always felt my body to be pretty resilient, BUT I’ve recently discovered that it does indeed have limits.

This past weekend, while rolling no-gi in preparation for the Lutador Grappling Tourny this upcoming weekend, I went for what I’ve thought of as a pretty standard sweep: grab the heels of a standing opponent with a closed guard and sweep to mount. However, on this day, this sweep proved to be far from standard. As I came into mount (with my guard still closed, which I fear may have been the initiating culprit) we began to roll slightly to the right, I felt a pop on the inside of my knee which was quickly followed by another excruciating pop. I immediately fell to the ground and started crying in agony; which is not a typical reaction for me. I’ve never been one to cry over physical pain, but I suppose I’d never experienced pain like this, especially so unexpectedly. After about a minute, the pain subsided and I began to feel silly about the spectacle I’d just made. Thankfully all my BJJ Family came to the rescue, and helped me to determine that I wasn’t in fact dying, but that my leg actually had pretty good mobility and that I could walk on it without a whole lot of pain. With a more optimistic feeling, I went home and proceeded with my week as usual (minus jiu jitsu of course) and began icing my knee regularly, hoping for quick recovery. As the week wore on, I began realizing my knee was not quickly improving, and that it would be stupid of me to just compete in a tournament without verifying there wasn’t anything serious wrong. So, yesterday, I went to the Orthopedist with high hopes. After a few tests, my high hopes were quickly crushed with the prognosis of a likely torn Meniscus. I’m scheduled for an MRI to confirm next week, so at this point, all I can really do is sit around and hope for the best. However, I’m slightly concerned, as I’m not very good at just sitting around…Until the MRI and definite next steps, I plan on doing the only thing I can in terms of BJJ, support the rest of my TRT family while they compete this weekend, and feel happy for the women who may get a gold medal that they wouldn’t have otherwise received… ;-)

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