Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tatami Zero G Midas Gi Review

Some time ago I was asked to review the Tatami Zero G Midas Gi by BJJHQ. I injured my knee right after agreeing to do the review, so unfortunately I'm just now getting to writing it...sorry BJJHQ!! But any who, let's get right to it. :-)

Being about 5'1" tall and knowing most gi's are typically too big for me, I opted for the F1. In the past I've found most gi sizing charts to under estimate the weight range, but after actually trying this gi, I would say their size chart is very accurate.You can see the Tatami specs below:
The F1 Gi Top:
The Fit-
Upon arrival, the F1 gi top fit like a glove; I was slightly concerned that after a wash the top would be too small. Although I have a small frame, I do have an athletic shape with a relatively broad back and shoulders for my size. I feel like this was the primary culprit for the gi snugness as the jacket and sleeves were both of appropriate length (Well, at first, the sleeves are too short now after multiple washes as you can see in the picture below). I asked for the F1 since I have a long torso and shorter legs thus I have trouble finding gi pants that fit me. I would suggest ordering the bigger size if you are between two especially if you also have an athletic build; I feel that the F2 top would have served me better.

Also, the sleeves are pretty narrow. This isn't a big deal for training purposes, but I would be concerned that the sleeves wouldn't pass IBJJF standards (another reason to order a size up).

The Look-
The gi top has 4 patches and 2 embroidered logos. The patches and logos are arranged in a very unobtrusive manner: 1 patch and one logo on each shoulder, 1 patch on the lower part of the back (leaving plenty of room for your own patch on the back), and one small Tatami tag/patch on the lower portion of the left lapel. 

The gi also has a pretty thick collar that was stiff when I first received the gi, but has become less stiff after being washed multiple times.
The F1 Gi Pants:
The Fit-
I really like the pants of this gi. They fit perfectly upon arrival and shrank minimally after washing. They have a moderately wide leg, but not too wide and they don't stretch while training. They have a pretty low rise, but I don't mind as I typically prefer this. The pants fit me well, but I think I could wear the next size up in order to have a better fit in the top.

The Look-
The pants have a nice smooth fabric texture and reinforced stitching in all the right places. I also really like the nylon tie as I've found that these pants rarely come untied while rolling. The patches and logo on the pants mimic the ones on the top; one patch along the outside of each pants leg and one embroidered logo on the front of the left leg. 

Overall Thoughts:
This is a high quality gi with a somewhat stiff collar and an attractive design. For an athletic body type, I would recommend getting a size up or the bigger size of the two you're between as the jacket seems to run a bit small. For me, I think the ideal fit would be an F2 top and F1 pants; however, keep in mind that I'm about 5'1" tall and have a long torso and an athletic build. For the price, this is a great gi, but considering the IBJJF rules regarding gi color and the narrowness of the Gi sleeves, I would recommend this gi for training purposes not for competition. 

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