Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hard work. Experience. Progress. Worlds 2012

The Hard Work

After the Pan Ams this past March, I made the decision to try and drop from the feather weight class (129 lbs in a gi) to the light feather weight class (118 lbs in a gi). The goal was to make this change for the IBJJF Worlds at the very end of May.

I wasn't sure I could do it as I needed to get to a weight that I'd likely last seen around age 12 in only about 2 months. So, needless to say, the task was a bit daunting...

My uncertainty must have been apparent for after just a week or so in, my Professor had a talk with me. He told me if I just committed 100% then I could definitely do it, and he thought I'd do very well if I made the change. The decision was clear at that point; if he thought I could do it, then there was no reason I should think any differently. Sometimes you just need a shove in the right direction from the right person.

It was a somewhat grueling 2 months of a very strict diet and lots of extra cardio sessions, but on May 30 I left for Los Angeles weighing 117 lbs gi in hand and feeling very confident in my own strength and discipline. 

The hard work was over, it was time for the fun.

The Experience

As it typically proves to be, the hard work was more than worth the experience I gained at Worlds 2012. I loved every moment on those mats and the experience really re-solidified my love for the sport and competition. Not only did I learn a lot and gain valuable experience on the mat, but I did pretty dang well too. 

Worlds 2012 is officially in my hypothetical book of favorite memories. I can't wait for Worlds 2013; only about 10 more months to prepare... :-)

Third place. I lost in the semi finals, 
but put up a hell of a fight.

The Progress

I returned to training with many learnings and excitement to continue to work hard and improve. I also received a stripe on my belt from Professor Traven. I never thought a strip of athletic tape could mean so much to me, but gosh, does it. 

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