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BJJ Bag - Dakine Mission Pack Review

If you're looking for a highly functional yet practically sized bag for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the Dakine Mission Pack may be the bag for you. Whether going to and from the gym or traveling to tournaments, this pack allows me to carry everything I need to train / compete in a comfortable, efficient manner. The pack is intended for skaters, yet I find the design intentions transfer very well to accommodate BJJ gear. 

Dakine Mission Pack | Back View with BJJ GiThe Dakine Mission Pack comes in various color options categorized by Men's & Women's; although, many designs seem unisex so I'd recommend checking both out. The specs are the same for all color options: Volume - 1500 cu. in. [ 25L ], Size - 21 x 11 x 8" [ 53 x 28 x 20cm ], Weight - 2 lbs. [ .9kg ]. 


'Board Carry' Straps - Gi Carry Straps

This is my favorite feature. As you can see, these straps work very well for carrying a gi. I'm sure you've encountered your gi taking up the majority of the room in your bag, but securing your gi to the outside of the pack really frees up space on the inside and allows for efficient packing.  

Large pocket w/laptop sleeve

2 Main Storage Pockets w/ Laptop Sleeve and Internal Organization Pockets

The pack has two main storage pockets, one large zippered pocket with a padded laptop sleeve and one smaller zippered pocket with an internal organization area. Both pockets are of pretty good size; I typically fit extra training clothes / hoodie, lots of snacks, an iPad, headphones, a travel scale (I put it in the laptop sleeve), and other small miscellaneous items in the main 2 pockets. 

Additional Exterior Pockets

The pack has 4 exterior pockets all with zippered closures and fleece lining on the interior. Three of the pockets are on the sides of the pack and are very useful for storing smaller items in a organized, accessible manner. The 4th pocket is on the back of the pack and expands into the main storage pocket. I use this pocket for my camera as it has a padded cover for protection and is relatively hidden. 

Dakine Mission Pack | Side View with Gi

Look and Feel:

Organization Area w/Printed Liner
Stylish Design Options

Dakine offers highly varied yet consistently stylish color options. Most styles have one color scheme on the outside of the pack and an accent color / print on the inside. I have the 'Houndstooth Grey and Yellow' option. 

Support Straps & Padding - Comfort

The pack has 2 sets of adjustable support straps, one set that clips over the chest and one padded set that clip over the hips. I've found that when utilizing all the support straps, this bag is very comfortable to wear even when packed full.

Overall Thoughts: 

The Dakine Mission Pack is very well made and designed for functionality, comfort, and style. The main appeal for a BJJ practitioner in my opinion is the 'Board Straps' (intended for a skate board) on the back of the pack as they easily double as gi straps. This allows you to utilize the internal pockets for other items instead of your gi taking up an entire pocket. The pack also offers plenty of additional smaller pockets that allow for added organization and accessibility. I love this backpack and use it every time I travel for BJJ tournaments. 

I would highly recommend this bag for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purposes due to the quality, comfort, and highly functional yet efficient design the Dakine Mission Pack offers.

Here are the Women's color options currently offered on the Dakine website for the Mission Pack; although, you can always find additional (usually past season) color options on other sites too if these don't suit your fancy. I would also recommend checking out the Men's (Unisex...) options too.

Dakine Mission Pack - Women's DesignsDakine Mission Pack | Women's Summer Designs

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  1. Looks like a pretty sweet backpack! What caught my eye here was the travel scale though, good call.

  2. Hey thanks, it is pretty sweet. LOVE that travel scale too, super useful. :-)

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