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Not the dreaded cauliflower ear! Headgear for Women in BJJ

If you're a woman in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I'm sure you've sometimes worried about getting the DREADED Cauliflower ear....well, after about 2 1/2 years of training BJJ, I finally started to get it. Of course, I was freaked out...I definitely didn't want to have a mangled looking ear the rest of my life. LUCKILY, With my Mother's help (a licensed and practicing nurse), I was able to get my ear back to normal in about a week or so. I f you don't have a highly knowledgeable resource to help you, just go to an ear, nose, and throat doctor to assist with the treatment / draining as it needs to be addressed quickly and properly.

Despite our success in getting my ear back to normal, I definitely wanted to make sure it didn't come back...BUT, at the same time, I also had zero intentions of training BJJ any less. So, finding the right headgear was crucial. 

I'd seen many of the guys' headgear at the gym before, but they all appeared to be much too large for me. I knew if I ended up with something cumbersome or uncomfortable, it was pretty unlikely that I would actually wear it. So, I turned to the all-knowing internet for answers, but despite a thorough search, it became apparent that there just weren't that many headgear options out there for women... 

I wanted something comfortable and low profile that provided sufficient protection without being excessive. 
Asics Junior Headgear for Women in Brazilian Jiu JitsuWith these attributes in mind, I finally decided to purchase the Asics Unisex Gel Headgear Junior. 

I LOVE it. 

For only about $18, this headgear is a steal. It's meant for teens, so as a 5'1" ~118 lb female, this headgear is perfect for me.  

The Look

The Asics Junior headgear has 2 sets of adjustable straps, one set fitting behind the head and the other set fitting over the top. The headgear has a slim look from the front and back (for headgear) and covers just as much of the ear as needed without being over-sized. 

Asics Junior Headgear for Women in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
The straps are made out of a tough, woven, canvas-like fabric that's smooth to the touch. The straps loop through the edges of the hard plastic ear cups that are covered in a blue (or red / black) slightly stretchy fabric that has a soft yet durable feel.

The simple design not only minimizes bulk, but also allows for easy cleaning. I hand wash / soak the headgear in hot soapy water (pulling back the stretchy blue fabric to clean all parts of the ear cup) then dry with a towel and hang in front of a floor fan for complete drying.

I've worn this headgear for about 4 months now and  it's held up pretty well despite frequent training. There's some noticeable wear on the fabric, but nothing too significant and nothing effecting the functionality of the headgear. 

The Feel

The chin strap has an adjustable hook and loop closure and a cushioned chin cup for added comfort and fit. (*Just be sure you line up the velcro on the strap correctly as it can scratch if drastically misaligned. If aligned properly, this isn't a problem at all.)

Asics Junior Headgear for Women in Brazilian Jiu JitsuThe inside of the ear cup has a gel lining for padding and shock absorption and ventilation holes on the outside allowing for breath-ability and relatively unobstructed hearing. 

The straps behind and over the head fit snugly and slide minimally. It takes a few tries to get it right, but, when fitted properly, this headgear stays in place very well. AND, as an added bonus, I've found it actually helps to keep my hair back and out of the way as well (I expected the opposite!).

When I originally purchased this headgear, I only intended to wear it when my ears were sore; but since wearing it really doesn't bother me at all, I never train without it.  I'd much rather prevent cauliflower ear than try and get rid of it. This headgear provides complete protection while maximizing comfort and minimizing the 'I look stupid' feeling wearing headgear can often cause.  :-) Check it out ladies!

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  3. Fear not Ladyjitsu, we think cauliflower ear is cool...


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