Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Purple and Silver, I'll take it - Pan Ams 2013

Pan Ams 2013 was a blast! My first IBJJF tournament as a purple belt and I got second place in my division. I lost my finals match by only 2 advantage points to a 4-stripe purple belt. I usually take losses very hard, but I did my very best against a more experienced girl, so I'm actually extremely proud of myself and super excited to do well :) The feeling of self acceptance / pride despite losing really makes me realize how far I've come as a competitor and person, and how much confidence Jiu Jitsu has instilled in me.

I trained my butt off (literally and figuratively) to get down to my light-feather class and to be sure I was as prepared as possible to compete. It never ceases to amaze me how difficult tournament prep can be but also how much I enjoy the challenge and the disciplined routine it creates for me. My BJJ journey has definitely taught me the true value of self discipline and helped me to realize how much strength I have inside me.

Now it's back to the routine in prep for the NY Open and Worlds. So excited to see what the rest of the tournament season holds!! Hopefully that silver will soon be gold :)

Side note: After competing, I always go hard on the 'bad' snacks for a few days...just to gross myself out enough that I can't wait to get back to my strict diet. See my GIANT cookie bag below for reference... post-competition snack shopping tends to get a bit out of hand :)

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