Sunday, June 16, 2013

IBJJF Worlds 2013 - 2nd place - YESSSSSS

Thanks for pushing me to be my best Professor Traven!

Despite the pretty much year-round training season I tend to keep - Worlds is definitely the culmination of it all for me. I felt like this year was going to be pivotal for me (haha, I suppose I think this every year...) because this year was my first time competing as a Purple belt. With little frame of reference as to how I'd do in this arena as well as a quite sizable division - I was definitely feeling the pressure.

Luckily, all of my hard work paid off. I fought 5 tough matches and ended up taking 2nd place in my division.

Match 1

Match 2

Match 4

Right after the finals match
I lost in my finals match to a very tough girl with 2 stripes on her belt. I was pretty upset after the match as I felt so close to something I wanted so badly. But after about 10 minutes, I shook off the disheartenment and began to really be excited and proud of what I'd done.

It was an amazing experience and really validated all of my hard work. I'm a very determined person - possibly borderline obsessive :) - and ever since I was a brand new white belt, I've had my heart set on being a World Champion. Although I didn't get there this year, I feel closer than ever and I'm truly proud of how far I've come and how far I intend to go. I love Jiu Jitsu and everything positive it has brought into my life; I can't imagine my life without it. Now time to keep preparing for next year :)

Thanks for pushing me to be my best Professor Traven!

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  1. Congratulations! That's definitely something to be proud of and have confidence in!

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